Nocturnal - Fanbox

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"Nocturnal" Fanbox (Release: August 8th, 2017) incl.:
- CD in a Digipak

- Bonus CD
- Stickers
- Guitar Pick
- Polaroid photo
- Gymsack
- Cooking recipe 
- Studio diary (book)

The album, produced by Stephen Street (The Smiths, Blur, Kaiser Chiefs and others), stringently documents an impressive musical development. It’s a work that pushes all of the supposed rules to the point of parody. A work that pulses with the utter freshness, outstanding songwriting, and clearly defined musical identity that can emerge only from the shared conviction of a closely connected group of musicians – a work that could turn the world on its head, if only for a moment. With their debut album, “With Your Hands We’ll Conquer,” Razz offered the world an irresistible manifesto for modern guitar music. “Nocturnal” takes a huge step further, and is even more savvy, diverse, determined, and melodic.


01. Paralysed
02. Trapdoor
03. Could Sleep
04. Another Heart/Another Mind feat. Giant Rooks
05. Silver Lining
06. Step, Step, Step
07. By & By
08. Lecter
09. Let It In, Let It Out
10. If There Was a Light
11. Breathe In

12. Ketamine
13. West To East
14. Another Heart/Another Mind (Nugat Remix)
15. By & By - Acoustic
16. Paralysed - Chapter II
17. Silver Lining - Chapter II